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New Audiobooks!

These are the audiobooks currently in production! All are available now in ebook and paperback.

I will upload more audiobook images throughout the day.

Finally! A Cover for Bedevilled That I Like

Bedevilled was my first novel. I wrote it back in 2009 in two months. Then I stupidly rewrote it to death, but I came back to its original version and completed all edits on it. The one thing I've never been able to do is find a suitable cover for Bedevilled. Until now. It's ace. I like it. Finally happy with it. I'll put up previous versions of this book's covers at the end of this post, but first, here's the newest...

"If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then what of the wrath incurred by the devil herself?"
Bubbles is a woman in trouble. Life on Earth just became Hell. Quite literally seeing as how there's escaped minions from the underworld to deal with. And to think it all started with a blind date. Or did it? There's more to that Godly looking man than meets the eye, and Bubbles is intent on finding out just how divine He truly is.
And here's the full paperback cover...

I think this new one is much better than its immediate predeces…

The Girl in the Woods - Audio Version


Hello everyone! Flutterby is out now in paperback and ebook. I haven't updated this blog in ages! Sorry about that. But yeah you can get Flutterby on Amazon and everywhere else right now. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please leave a review! Thank you so much.
-Suz xx

Suz Korb Books - All 12

Available globally in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, in stores, and more.

Suz Korb Books

I've written 12 books to date and here they are...

Divine Teen Story Collection Book Available everywhere and on Amazon:, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N, etc. KATE'S ADVENTURES AMONGST THE GODS in story form Story 1 Death by Chocolate
Kate accidentally poisons everyone at the Death by Chocolate event. 
They're all sent to Hades and Kate must save their souls. Can she save