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Guest Post Character Interview From Author Victoria Pearson

Welcome to another exclusive character interview. Today it's from Author Victoria Pearson who I'm deeply thankful to for writing up this guest post. So without further ado read on and enjoy, and if you like the character interview you can grab Victoria's novelette here.

Today we will be joined by Dr Charles Prinze and social worker Gloria Gilbert, both of whom work for an oddities and anomalies hospital. I'm not entirely certain what that is, so I am hoping to find out more in this interview.
The couple arrive, late and fairly breathless, to the cafe we are meeting at, still dressed for work. Dr Prinze is in his white lab coat and green scrubs trousers. He looks too young to be in charge of of an entire ward, despite his three day stubble and the hint of grey at his temples. Ms Gilbert is in head to toe blue scrubs, and she has several pens sticking out of her afro. I'm not sure if she is aware they are there or or if she has forgotten. Dr Prinze looks serious, tired…

5 of 5 Stars to The Realignment Case by Author RJ Dearden

Geneva, 2012. Disgraced lawyer Daniel Athley starts a job with a shadowy international organisation that has a secret it will kill to protect – the past can be changed. Working for the enigmatic Counsellor Winter, Dan’s role is to defend the status quo. Discovering a plot that could unleash chaos in a disordered future, he must choose a side in a murky world where the fate of the dead is decided.


I actually finished reading this book ages ago, but I've been so busy I forgot to do a review. All the other reviews on my blog are like that, a long time coming! I really must remember to get with it FFS!

Anyway, on with my quick review...

This book was amazingly exciting. I absolutely loved it and knew I would before I even read it. The premise is right up my alley, a theme I really enjoy, yet the author has written a completely original body of work. And just look at the cover! It's amazing. I'm big on cover design, and this one suits the story perfectly. Read this book! I …