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SUPERSTELLAR A Young Adult Novel From Author Suz Korb Cosmic adventure awaits...
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"Crazy space adventure mania from the loopiest of cosmic authors, this side of the galaxy."
Introducing Stella Andromeda Sunne. A spacebabe with a mission. Well, she’ll have a space mission to deal with soon, whether she likes it or not! For Stella has been accidentally beamed aboard a chicken. A chicken, you say? Yes, a chicken. Sort of. Off Stella goes. Traversing galaxies, meeting interesting alien species, even some who don’t have feathers. Join Stella and her brother Rocket as they get their DNA altered, are thrown around galaxies through a wormhole and get to shoot laser guns at various points along their stellar journeys! Cosmic adventure, a bit of inter-species alien romance, full on at warp speed amongst the stars!