Hello and welcome to my little old website and blog.

I'm Suz Korb, a writer of romantic comedy, teen adventures, and science fiction. I'm delving into new genre writing soon too.

So a little about me. I was born long ago in a land of palm trees and beaches i.e. Hawaii. Saying LAND makes it seem like a big place, but everyone knows the Hawaiian Islands are relatively small in comparison to larger continents around the globe.

Okay this is long-winded. I'll hurry up now sorry.

Yeah so I was born in Hawaii, I grew up in Utah. Moved to England in 2001. I now live in Worcestershire, and I'm a bit older, obviously. I write in many a sub-genre of the above mentioned categories, and I can't wait to delve into thrillers soon! I mean all my books are thrilling. Well my teen adventures are especially. I think so anyway. I always have fun when I'm writing. Unless I'm writing tense shit. Wait. Maybe fun isn't the best word. No wait! It totally is because I love what I do.

Peace out and love from,
Suz xx


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